Some words from The Tahts Family

All we can say is wow! Having shopped all of Park City and surrounding areas for our dream vacation home, our family were early buyers of the Apex vision. Wendy and I and our 3 adult children can’t wait for our Apex home to be complete and we so enjoyed touring with Carol and Tony and the Apex team over Christmas holiday. Only by walking the property as compared to other “more traditional sky-rise” developments can you appreciate the scale of the vision, design and unprecedented construction project and opportunity Apex represents for those who love Park City and Utah. Every time we rode the gondola we couldn’t help admire the property, vantage point it will afford and proximity and access to this hemispheres best skiing. Visitors in the gondola would comment  “Ski through access! What a concept!” Who else has that! Thanks Carol and Tony and the Apex team for making our Christmas visit great and taking the time to make Apex all it can and will be. Can’t wait to see the outcome of your hard work!  Here are some pictures form our 2017 Christmas visit. Thanks again!

Very Best Regards,
Kenny and Wendy Taht

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